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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekly Update: ICLE

ICLE Cycle Practice

In your half-day plannings, we reviewed the rubrics for Rigor, Relevance, and Learner Engagement. During the month of May, I would LOVE to begin practicing using these tools with you. I have shared a calendar with you (ICLE May 2013) where I have blocked off some dates and times for this purpose. Please take some time to check your own calendars and schedule a time for me to come visit.

1. Open the shared calendar. Create a NEW 30-45 minute appointment during one of the ICLE blocks of time. That will be the classroom visit time.

2. We will meet a day or two before for 10-15 minutes for a brief preconference. This can happen during planning, lunch, or after school. If you would like to schedule it during one of the ICLE blocks of time, that is fine. We can also find a time together once you’ve set-up your visit time. Whatever you prefer.

3. After the classroom visit, we will meet one more time for 15-20 minutes for a post-conference reflection. Again, you may schedule this during one of the ICLE blocks of time, or we can work it out during another time.

Click HERE to access the Rigor & Relevance Rubrics and Framework.

If you would like more information on any portion of the ICLE cycle, check out the links below. I have also included instructions for accessing a shared calendar, just in case you haven’t done that recently.

I look forward to the numerous classroom visits that you will all schedule. Thanks!

(Here are the links…I speak a little more slowly in recordings than in real life. Weird.)

Links to register for upcoming meetings/trainings:

Faculty Meeting (May 1)

Intermediate Team Meeting (May 6)

Teaching in the Outdoor Classroom (May 8)

Primary Team Meeting (May 20)

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