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Friday, September 27, 2013

Is this a marathon or a sprint?

I looked up today and realized that September is almost over. I'm not sure anyone I know has stopped in several weeks, but the pace is maintaining. I keep telling myself, September is just this way; things are going to settle and days will develop routines. There will be a steadier rhythm once we figure out a comfortable enough pace to be awesome until early June.

In the spirit of hoping for a steadier pace, I present you with some new, too-cool-to-miss finds:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weekly Update: September 11, 2013

As an adult, I find myself taking less time to let myself feel amazed at things that are just awesome for awesome’s sake. I try , especially when I feel bogged down by the daily routine, to give myself a little time to be amazed. Here are some things that have amazed me this week:

Important Information…
Team Pictures: I will take team pictures tomorrow (Thursday) during your planning time. Please wear your new MWE shirts. You may also wear JEANS!

August Staff Development Attendance: Please look over the document at the link below. Find your name and assure that the attendance record for the August staff development days is accurate. I think my memory is pretty accurate, even though I can’t seem to keep up with green folders. Just double check, please.  Also, if you do not see your name at all, it just means you were not registered. Don’t worry! I can still add you. Please let me know by FRIDAY what changes need to be made. Thank you. Link to document:

Curriculum Night: If you would like any assistance preparing a digital component to your curriculum night, please let me know the specifics of how I can help. We are working to make sure our campus and grade level sites are accurate before Curriculum Night; don’t forget to send me any links you would like included on your grade level team sites.

Updated Grading Expectations: Here are direct links to the updated SBISD Elementary Grading Expectations and Exhibits.

Bluebonnet Preview Times: 3rd-5th teachers, make sure you have signed up for a time with Mrs. Lewis. Click HERE to get to the sign-up form.

Upcoming Meetings & Staff Development Opportunities…
Faculty Meeting: September 18, 3:30-4:30; please register at the link below.

ICLE Visit: You should have received a calendar invite from me for the time of your visit with the ICLE representative. Our new representative is Denise White. We will meet in grade level teams to plan lesson using the 2 rubrics of the CIR tool. Teachers, please bring outcomes for a science or Social Studies lesson and bring one math and one ELA standard. We will work together to plan a lesson (phase I).

Claims, Evidence, & Reasoning Science Training: September 28, 8:30-3:30 at WTC

Troubleshooting Computer Problems—Top 25 list compiled by Jacqui Murray
Flipped Classroom Resources & Webinar

Don’t forget you can find more at:
Edmodo Teacher Learners Group: 194zaj (group code)