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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Update: Spring Break Edition

Weekly Email: Spring Break Edition

I hope your Spring Break was as productive as mine. J

Spring Break Accomplishments

ü  Cleaned out flower beds
ü  Cleaned out closet
ü  Cooked more than I ate out
ü  Played outside every day
ü  Helped Thomas ride a big-boy bike
ü  Practiced my LAZY
üDid not open a laptop or check email until Sunday

Some apps worth exploring:

I did take time to look at some apps while I watched the NCAA Basketball Tournaments. All of these apps are free in some capacity. A few require you to pay money for add-ons, but several of them are 100% free. I tried to include something for everyone.

More than one person has expressed a need for an app to help with reading fluency. I found this article online about using our classroom devices to help students improve fluency.

Word Wonderland (Primary)-Free for a limited time

Grammar Wonderland (Elementary)-Free for a limited time

Grammar Wonderland (Primary)-Free for a limited time

Auryn-The Little Mermaid-Free for a limited time

The Opposites


Color Uncovered

Biobots Under Sea Rescue

Tap A Tune

Fotopedia Wild Friends


WWF Together

My Note Games

Pirate Treasure Hunt

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