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Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Update, March 8


I was sitting on my couch last night eating fortune cookies with my husband. Here was my fortune:

What makes teaching such a beautiful profession to me is the amount of compassion that is present in just a single day. That is at the heart of what we all do. We care….we care a lot. I’m not sure that I actually found a true fortune in the center of my cookie so much as I found a truth. Living compassionately is hard work. It isn't just something you do…it is something you live.

Upcoming professional development opportunities and district meetings…

MWE STAAR Training
March 27, 2013

DRA2 Training
March 26, 2013
Register in Eduphoria:

Flipping Classrooms on a 21st Century Network
FREE Webinar
March 14, 2013 @ 1:00 p.m.

Science Academies
Grades K-4
Offered FREE through Region 4
March 12-14

Energize Your Earth Science Curriculum
Grades 4-5
GT Approved
May 11, June 14, July 12, or August 2
Click HERE to see flier. 

Creating All STAAR Readers and Writers with Barry Lane & Alana Morris
June 17 & 18

Some stuff I’ve been reading…

36 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Be Able To Do
I really enjoyed this list because it gives such a wide variety of things to consider when thinking about how new technologies impact the classroom. I found some really helpful, short descriptions for how to do certain things on my computer.

TED-Education: Creative Problem Solving
iTunes U course
I am more watching this than reading, but I thought it still applied. The course is made up of 7 videos; the longest one is 27 minutes. So far, I’m REALLY enjoying it.

Some sites/apps worth exploring…

Awesome Stories
AWESOME SITE! There is a calendar with links to really interesting articles for Science and Social Studies. It is worth taking the time to check this out.

Teaching Channel
I know I learn the best by seeing teachers in action. This site lets you watch videos of teachers teaching. Very cool.

8 Tips New Test Takers Should Know

Professor Kim-What’s missing here?
Marble Math

Don’t forget, you can find more at…
Teacher Learners on Edmodo
Group code: 9fq5dz

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