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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool #5: Web 2.0

I've used quite a few Web 2.0 tools in my own classroom and for presentations. My favorites are: Prezi, Capzles, TimeToast, Slide Share, Voice Thread, Wallwisher and PicLits. These are the ones my students were able to explore and really make their own.

Another tool I have found personally helpful is LiveBinder, which is just what it sounds like. It allows you to create online binders with tabs. You can share these binders with students, which is helpful when you want to provide them with easily accessible resources.

Check out my LiveBinder at

I tried to explore a couple of the new tools offered on the 11 Tools Blog. I started with MakeBeliefsComix. I didn't particularly care for this tool because of its limitations. There are only a select number of characters and ways to organize them. It leaves little for the creative mind. If that were the only thing, though, I would be ok with the site. I don't like that I am unable to save my comic without a lot of extra "stuff" around it. If I post it on a site or use it in a presentation, I don't want to see the print/save buttons or any of the extra web site items around my comic. I just want the image. There was not a convenient way to make that happen. If I'm wrong, I hope someone will please tell me how to make better use of this tool.

I also visited Big Huge Labs, and it was very familiar! That is because I have used it before but forgotten about it. I love this site for image editing. It is now bookmarked in my Diigo library so I remember to make better use of it. I decided to create a PopArt image of myself as a review project. Enjoy!

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