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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Create a blog...check! This is my very first blog, so I hope all of my readers will bear with me while I figure this all out. Don't worry, it won't take me long.

Creating a blog is really easy, especially through the Google interface. I had a little difficulty only because I managed to login under my personal Google account, create a blog, and start editing. Ooops! If you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you login under the correct one before you set-up your blog. You can only use the URL once, and those are sometimes difficult to think up.

The free Voki Avatars are cute. I managed to create a not-so-free one the first time around and had to recreate. That was sad because my first one looked just like me. :)

The only other thing that slowed me down a little is the new blogger interface. It looks like it has been recently changed, so the instructional videos on the district blog were not quite as helpful as the probably once were. You can still revert to the old blogger look if you are having a hard time getting started. 

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