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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool #4: Google Apps

I may have gone overboard on my exploration of the Google Apps, but I do not regret it. I still needed some time to get better acquainted with Google Reader and all of the options that I have for how to sync this particular application across my devices.  I went with the Flipboard App to really streamline my access to and reading of the various blogs I follow and my Twitter accounts. I highly recommend the app for this purpose. I don't particularly care for the app in regards to Facebook, but I may get used to it.

As far as Google Docs and Google Forms are concerned, I've already used both of the applications pretty extensively. I was actually able to share a presentation through Google Docs yesterday to more fully allow us to collaborate during a meeting. I'm not sure how I feel about the public editing ability, so I will have to get more comfortable with using that option.

I honestly feel that I will make extensive use of both Google Docs and Google Forms to collaborate and communicate with teachers this year. It just makes things so easy! I tend to move from computer to computer and device to device, so having access to everything no matter what device I am using is a BIG plus for me. I'm still looking for ways to streamline all of this into a format that is manageable for me. The key will be to just allow myself time to explore and really personalize the technology to fit MY needs.

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